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The Last Ronin project was born from the encounter of 2 minds, geographically far but so close ideologically.

It was a simple idea at first:

‘Why don’t we put some beats up, sample some bits, and mix it up with nowadays sounds and technology and see what comes up?’

That’s basically how ‘Sleepers’ was born.

Stretch & Enjoy sound is a mixture of cultures, vibes, experiences but has its common point into the 90’s breakbeat flavor and you can feel it all the way through.

But it’s not just a copy and paste thing, it’s actually a ‘let’s continue this from where we left off and you can hear it in ‘About Us’ where the blueprint sound of Akai time stretch is pushed forward and blended with heavy 808 and pads that sound like played from mars, or in ‘Samurai Revenge’ where the notorious Apache is surrounded by a horde of swords and hungry ninjas willing to submit the last Ronin… without success!

We have been blessed by Sofi Mari in Emotions, giving us that warm, sexy, cheeky voice we were looking for, and also the mighty Marc Mac decided to give his spin on ‘Satisfy Your Soul’ which was one of those tunes ‘I like it but it needs something else at the point that we prefer his version instead of ours (always trust the Mentor).

The artwork was done by Malx who totally understood the brief about the project and absolutely nailed it.

Mastering was by Beau who took the music to another level.

It’s been a journey so far and we don’t hide that these years, in particular, tested our souls hard, but we feel this is the moment to go ahead trying new things and reaching new goals.

We hope you enjoy the LP, we have so much more to come!!


Out of stock



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