The AKO Brand started in 1995 under the name A-KO Recordings the label was set up to release music Stretch had on dubplate by himself and other producers.

The label was set up to put out music for the dance floor as Stretch was known as the vibes man. A-KO Recordings went on to have 7 release’s with one of them being the jungle classic Hungry Tiger. In 1998 Stretch decided to stop the label as he got very busy and was starting to do other things, and unfortunately wasn’t able to give the label 100% of his time.

In 2014 Stretch decided to relaunch the AKO brand and get the ball rolling again, with a new look updated design and some fresh music. The AKO brand runs two successful labels AKO Beatz and AKO150 both focusing on that jungle/DnB sound. AKO Beatz with new age Jungle/DnB sound but staying true to its roots with releases from Goldie, Marc Mac, Mantra, Skitty, Tim Reaper, Double O & Ricky Force to name but a few on the label and AKO150 which focuses on some of the unreleased gems from the golden era and new retrospective jungle with that oldskool feel.The label has so far had Stretch, Tek 9, Tom & Jerry, Skitty and Demented Soul feature. The label has really taken off with some great releases and special edition vinyl projects along with merchandise for men and women. AKO will be doing a series of labels night up and down the country also taking the brand aboard.
Look out for special offers and limited items.

A-KO Recordings Cat
AKOR 001 De Elite Vol 1
AKOR 002 De Elite Vol 2
AKOR 003 DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger
AKOR 004 DJ Stretch – Feel 96′
AKOR 005 DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger Remixes
AKOR 006 The Accused meets DJ Stretch
AKOR 007 The Guyver – Die or Do

AKO Beatz Cat
AKOB 001 The Remixes Vol 1 Feel/Do or Die
AKOB 002 Unknown Elements 1 -Goldie / Cold Mission / Double O / Threshold
AKOB 003 Hungry Tiger 2015 Remixes – Ricky Force / Tim Reaper / Serum / Skitty
AKOB 004 Unknown Elements 2 – Mantra / FBD Project / Antidote/ Verb
AKOB 005 Papa Lover Remixes 2016 – Ricky Force / Theory / Tim Reaper / Aries & Stivs
AKOB 006 Skitty – Sexy Sally/Take Your Time
AKOB 007 AKOism Vol 1 – Double O / Theory / Threshold / Headgear
AKOB 008 Ricky Force – Severed EP
AKOB 009 Unknown Elements 3 – Digital / Jem-One / Ricky Force / Mecca / Guyver / Threshold
AKOB 010 Double O – Dreamin’ EP
AKOB 011 Headgear – Planet03 EP
AKOB 012 Enjoy – Just a Vibe/Fragile
AKOB 013 AKOism Vol 2 – Double O / Greenleaf / Ricky Force & DJ Trax / Threshold
AKOB 014 DJ Future – Dynamic Forces EP
AKOB 015 Alpha Omega – Lost Dats Vol 1
AKOB 016 Headgear – Dem Deh Remixes (Phuture T / Dub One)
AKOB 017 Dub-One – Home EP
AKOB 018 Threshold – Blackboard EP
AKOB 019 Sobotka – Messia EP
AKOB 020 ??
AKO150 Cat
AKO150 001/SHELL013 Stretch & Tek 9/Tom & Jerry (Space Invaders)
AKO150 002 Demented Soul/Skitty (Pac-Man)
AKO150 003 Stretch & Skitty/Tim Reaper (Donkey Kong)
AKO150 004 Stretch (Frogger)
AKO150 005 Stretch/SR (Bomberman)
AKO150 006 Tim Reaper/Demented Soul/Kid Lib/Dwarde (PaperBoy)
AKO150 007 Enjoy/Specialist X (Defender)
AKO150 008 Tek 9 & Stretch (Galaga)
AKO150 009 Tom & Jerry (Tron)
AKO150 010 Stretch (Ghosts N Goblins)
AKO150 012 The Guyver (Centipede)

AKO10 Cat
AKO10 001 Specialist X – Silent Silk/Love Mystery
AKO10 002 Tactical Aspect – Reset/Surrendar
AKO10 003 Madcap – Out Of Reach/Sunshine Dub
AKO10 004 DJ Trax – The Truth.Love Lies

AKO Warna Bruddahs Cat
AKOWB 001 Warna Bruddahs Special

AKO Beatz LP Cat
AKOBLP 001 – Point Of Origin
AKOBLP 002 – ??